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(former) Senior Transportation Engineer

Gemma worked with ViaStrada between 2019 to 2022 - she is currently employed by Christchurch City Council

Gemma was at Christchurch City Council from 2009 to 2017. She was subsequently with Aurecon and joined ViaStrada in February 2019. With a Degree in Planning and Property Development, and a Masters in Transportation Engineering, Design and Management, both from Nottingham Trent University, she has a key interest in how towns and cities are designed for people, and the interactions between transport and land-use.  She is keen to ensure communities have access to transport and choice, and a passion for good streetscape and public realm design to support placemaking.  She specialises in traffic engineering, in addition to planning and designing for active modes and public transport movements.

Her design experience includes all forms of streetscape and intersection design including roundabouts and traffic signals for intersection upgrades and safety improvements.  Gemma has contributed to the development and design of the many transport projects in Christchurch City, particularly those that focus on walking, cycling, public transport and safety through significant programmes such as An Accessible City, the Major Cycleways network and the Public Transport Improvement schemes for Riccarton Road and Main North Road.  She is a qualified road safety auditor and a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS). She is active in the Engineering NZ Transportation Group and a member of the Urban Design Forum.

Some services that Gemma can provide at ViaStrada include:

  • Streetscape and public realm design using temporary and permanent solutions
  • Development of walking and cycling network plans
  • Masterplanning for new developments and regeneration of existing areas to ensure integration of land-use and transport, increasing permeability and prioritising people movements
  • Planning, design and audit/review of provision for walking, cycling and public transport
  • Traffic calming design/review and development of speed management plans
  • Community engagement for project delivery
  • Analysis and design for intersection upgrades for all users
  • Project Road Safety Audits of new and existing facilities
  • Wayfinding for transport modes
  • Road safety and crash investigation/reduction studies
  • Development and review of technical/policy guidelines for transport

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