New Zealand Cycle Trail - TAG

ViaStrada directors Axel Wilke and Andrew Macbeth have been appointed as project engineers to the NZ Cycle Trail Technical Assessment Group (TAG), under a contract between the Ministry of Economic Development and ViaStrada.

The overall vision for the New Zealand Cycle Trail (NZCT) project, a $50 million initiative from the government's February 2009 jobs summit, is "to generate lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for our communities through a network of world-class cycling experiences". The investment is being made to:

  • Deliver economic benefits to regions.
  • Provide a high quality asset that offers a world-class experience and enhances New Zealand's competitiveness as a visitor destination.
  • Maximise benefits for health, the environment, travellers and commuters, and the events sector.
  • Engage communities.

Further information on the NZCT is available on the New Zealand Cycle Trail website.

The Cycle Trail Design Guide developed by ViaStrada for this project was published in March 2010.

Some ViaStrada staff, especially Axel and Andrew, work exclusively for the TAG on NZCT initiatives, including the seven "Quick Start" projects and the 13 "Phase Two" projects approved for feasibility studies. They are thus not available for project applications for the NZCT, so that conflicts of interest can be avoided. If you would like engineering and planning support for new local or regional initiatives, please contact Warren Lloyd (Christchurch).