Training course “Fundamentals of Planning and Design for Cycling"


ViaStrada presents cycling planning and design courses at both fundamental and advanced levels. Over 700 people have attended these courses to date. This page contains background information on the Fundamentals course and its PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded from near the bottom of the page.

Since 2003, a group of expert cycle practitioners has presented the one-day Fundamentals of Planning and Design for Cycling course to engineering and planning professionals and cycling advocates around New Zealand. ViaStrada Director Axel Wilke was the team leader for the course development. Axel won the 2005 CAN Award for the best cycling promotion for the course delivery.

Axel teaches most of the courses, supported by one of his colleagues. Course content is continuously revised by ViaStrada to keep abreast of the evolving field of cycle planning and design.

Please see our training pages for upcoming professional development opportunities to either attend a Fundamentals or an Advanced course.

Project Objective
Introduce peers to planning and design principles
Throughout New Zealand
One day training course
Project Status
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