Design & safety

We work with local and national clients to solve design problems involving intersections (including those with traffic signals and roundabouts) and corridors (including speed management), through to concept design, safety audits and peer review. We can provide analysis and provision for public transport, and sustainable active transport (walking and cycling). We offer a range of services to help property developers, architects, project managers and councils with transport aspects of development projects.

  • Concept & scheme design

    Getting a project right in the early phases is crucial for a good outcome; no amount of tweaking, review, or auditing can recover from a concept that isn’t right. You need a very experienced team for these early project phases and at ViaStrada, you are dealing with the experts. We take your project objectives or problem definition and turn them into concept and scheme designs that will work.

  • Development traffic engineering

    Many new or upgraded land developments (including commercial/retail facilities, industrial sites, airports, hospitals) have potential impacts that affect safe access and parking within the site itself and on nearby roads and intersections. 

    ViaStrada can assist with the design of layout options (including intersections and parking) to minimise these safety impacts. We can also audit safety and operational issues of already developed designs and recommend improvements.

  • Intersections

    Designing or reviewing intersections (especially signalised ones) is a specialist discipline. There is a need to ensure that the layout, design, and operation meets the safety and efficiency needs of all types of users through the intersection, as well as considering the practical and legal implications of details like different signal phasing options.

  • Public transport

    Public transport services, particularly buses, are an important part of a good sustainable transport system. Our services cover review of existing or proposed infrastructure, RAMM assessments, stop location reviews, and upgrades to bus stops. We have experience with bus priority measures, be that through bus stop locations, in-lane bus stops, bus lanes, or priority measures at traffic signals. 

  • Safety audits & reviews

    All planned, new, or upgraded transport facilities should be assessed for the potential safety impacts that the changes may have on various road users, particularly where there is the chance of death or serious injury.

    ViaStrada staff are formally trained in road safety & accessibility audits, safe system assessments, and Level Crossing Safety Impact Assessments (LCSIAs). We can also review the safety effects of other changes to transport networks.

  • Walking & cycling facilities

    Multi-modal or “complete streets” design requires specialist expertise to incorporate good provision for walking and cycling. As authors of most of the national walking and cycling guidance, ViaStrada can lead a design project or serve as the Client’s advisor.