Hornby to Prebbleton rail trail


ViaStrada was engaged by Christchurch City Council to undertake the scheme design of the Hornby to Prebbleton section of the Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail. This followed on from our office undertaking the feasibility study for this same section.

Eventually, the rail trail will be 45 km long. The Hornby to Prebbleton section is the third section to be completed and its length is 3.6 km. Of interest is that this section crosses a district boundary, with Christchurch City Council undertaking the whole project on behalf of itself as well as Selwyn District Council (e.g. the public consultation part of the process).

The project involved retaining the old section of railway as seen in the photo, the design of numerous road crossings, design for postal deliveries and many other interesting challenges.

Staff from ViaStrada who had major involvement in this project are Warren Lloyd, Megan Fowler, Rick Houghton and Axel Wilke.

Axel and Chris Mason (the secretary of the Rail Trail Trust) on opening day

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Design Section of Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail
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Hornby to Prebbleton
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