How safe are roundabouts for cyclists?

This article was published in TranSafe Issue 5 (Apr 2001). It concludes with the following paragraph:

Safe for all?

Some roundabout projects which achieve good travel time or efficiency ratings, and can reduce the overall crash rate of an intersection, may make the road environment considerably less safe for some road users, especially cyclists.

So while a roundabout may be the most efficient and (for motorists) safest intersection control in a given situation, planners should review whether it is really the best solution to the overall problem. If it is, then special facilities should be investigated for those who are disadvantaged, such as a pedestrian underpass or separate cycleway that avoids the roundabout completely.

The TranSafe publications are no longer available on the NZTA website, hence the article is now available via the ViaStrada website.

Where presented/published

TranSafe Issue 5, Apr 2001 (Transfund New Zealand, Wellington)