The 2007 Velocity conference in Munich, attended by ViaStrada director Axel Wilke, was most worthwhile. Below are a few reflections on this conference lessons learned of relevance to New Zealand, and a list of Kiwi attendees.

2007 logoWe are pleased to announce that ViaStrada Ltd has been formed by the merger of Streets in Sync and Traffix. We started trading as ViaStrada on Monday 21 May 2007. With our four directors and six staff, we will be able to offer a broader service to our clients than previously. We will operate from our new central Christchurch premises from Tuesday 5 June 2007.

Traffix and Streets in Sync are merging in May 2007 to form a new company.

With our four directors and six staff, we will be able to offer a more complete service to our clients than previously. We are still developing a new company name and website, and will post these on our websites as soon as they are available.

PetrPetr Pokorný, a traffic engineer from the Czech Republic, finished working with Traffix in April 2007.

Petr had been with the company since November 2006. Before leaving New Zealand, he spent two weeks in the South Island's rugged high country that he enjoyed so much. The team greatly enjoyed Petr's input and his humour. It would be great to see him back working for ViaStrada sometime.

ViaStrada Director Andrew Macbeth was awarded Fellow by IPENZ on 22 Mar 07. Congratulations from the rest of the team. Well done, Andrew!

Ben Muirhead started with Traffix on 19 March 2007. Ben is a traffic engineer from the UK and is doing his OE in NZ. Welcome to the team, Ben!

Traffix staff member Petr Pokorný went deep into some uncharted territory in the Southern Alps, accompanied by one of his rock climbing mates who is also a rock climbing guide book author. The bouldering crack in the photo has been named "Traffix" by them. We think this rocks!