Transport planning and policy

We undertake a wide range of transport planning and policy services, including This work also feeds into our industry training. Notable recent projects include:

1)	Fiilleul Street carpark, site with the highest percent occupancy on weekendsDunedin City Council staff asked ViaStrada to set up and complete a survey of parking demand in the city centre. The aim was to provide a comprehensive picture of parking usage over time (during the day and week) to inform future parking strategies.

Cordon Survey map showing survey boundary inner city DunedinDunedin City Council commissioned ViaStrada to develop and run the third annual iteration report of the ‘cordon count’, providing a snapshot of how people arrive at and travel through central Dunedin. "Cordon” refers to an imaginary boundary around the central city where surveyors were located at the most important entry/exit locations along this boundary. Surveyors were positioned at 26 sites around the central city to count the people and vehicles passing by over two days during the morning peak from 7:30-9:30 am.



Sample webmap pageThe Department of Conservation commissioned a report and webmap to summarise the transportation context for the Waiau Weheka Westland long term visitor plan.

Bollard pictureWhakatāne District Council asked ViaStrada to provide a wayfinding signage plan for Whakatāne District's walking and cycling network. Its focus: how can we help people (and visitors) navigate their community?

Menti exercise resultsThe Department of Conservation (DOC) commissioned ViaStrada to review a range of planning documents and provide advice to inform Visitor Management Plan development.

ViaStrada recommended a communications plan, visitor survey methods, and a spatial database. The work included markups of existing plans and an Investment Logic Map.

Maps of Shuttles in the scope areThe Department of Conservation (DOC) commissioned ViaStrada to create a web map application about transport-related content in Mackenzie District, Upper Waitiaki District and a part of Waimate District.

Buffered cycle lanePalmerston North City Council plans to invest $2.9M in urban cycleways over the 19/20 and 20/21 financial years. ViaStrada has developed a public facing, graphically rich masterplan to help guide that investment – including a range of cycleways and supporting education and encouragement activity recommendations. The work included the development of an interactive online map. Concurrent with the masterplan, ViaStrada developed a single stage business case to NZ Transport Agency requirements, delivered in 2020.

rural 60k speed limitViaStrada was commissioned by Environment Canterbury (ECan), on behalf of the Regional Road Safety Working Group (RRSWG), to undertake different tasks concerning speed management, road safety data sources and monitoring.

Proposed networkTo give effect to one of the six City Vision principles – “Pedal Power” – ViaStrada was commissioned to develop recommendations on how to better provide for cycling access to and within the central city. 

30kmh signViaStrada was commissioned by Tauranga City to assess the effectiveness of the 30 km/h zone in Mount Maunganui, in terms of vehicle speeds and crashes, taking into account any changes in traffic volumes since its introduction in August 2011. A control zone immediately south of the study area, where the 50 km/h speed limit remained unchanged, was used as a basis for comparing general changes in the area. Five years of speed, volume, and crash data before and after implementation found that the expected number of crashes in the 30 km/h zone fell by 21%.