Transport planning and policy

We undertake a wide range of transport planning and policy services, including This work also feeds into our industry training. Notable recent projects include:

John, Axel and Jeanette have developed an automatic cycle counting programme for Hamilton City Council (HCC). The project identifies approximate site locations, counter types, time frames and indicative costs.

Andrew, Jeanette and Megan have developed an automatic cycle counting programme for Christchurch City Council (CCC). The project identifies approximate site locations, counter types, time frames and indicative costs.

The Taupo District Council (TDC) commissioned ViaStrada Ltd to lead the update to the existing walking and cycling strategy.  ViaStrada director Andrew Macbeth and transport planner John Lieswyn convened three workshops with key stakeholders. The revised strategy proceeded through four draft stages before the TDC staff presented the final draft to Council in September 2008.

ViaStrada produced a supplementary Action Plan with a strong asset management focus to assist Council staff with implementation.  The client praised ViaStrada for producing a concise strategy and was especially pleased with the format and usability of the Action Plan. 


The Selwyn District Council (SDC) proposes to revise the District Plan's transport provisions to ensure they reflect the strategic direction of Council. Recent updates and amendments to national and regional policy documents will also be reviewed.

ViaStrada has been commissioned to review the Plan and prepare the resulting Plan Change.

Proposed Cycle NetworkViaStrada conducted a desktop analysis using GIS to propose a regional cycle network for Canterbury. This network, and the accompanying discussion document, was discussed in a series of workshops with key stakeholders to select the preferred regional cycle network.

Auckland City Council (ACC) engaged ViaStrada to undertake a comprehensive cycling review for the "Learning Quarter", the campus area of the University of Auckland and the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), in the Auckland CBD.

Tony Quickfall has successfully obtained resource consents for a number of projects in Kaikoura, including a 22 lot residential subdivision, motel extension, and a concrete plant combined with a landscape supplies business.

ViaStrada has assisted in the development of Kaikoura's first walking and cycling strategy.

The vision is:

- Kaikoura - he hikoi me eke pahikara pararaihi, ki uta ki tai.
- Kaikoura - a walking and cycling paradise, from the mountains to the sea.

ViaStrada undertook research both domestically and overseas to produce a major discussion document for the New Zealand Transport Agency.

The "think-piece" looks at ways of optimising New Zealand's road transport network. Seven themes are explored through a literature review, five overseas case studies and 30 New Zealand "best-practice" examples.

The Waimakariri District Council (WDC) commissioned ViaStrada to undertake a high level assessment of the possible western bypass options for Woodend and in particular to determine whether the conclusion reached by Transit, to eliminate further consideration of the full western options, was sound.